Professional Development

I have given over two dozen presentations and publications in the past focusing on a range of topics such as technology use in the classroom to teacher-student relationships in the classroom.

I am available for providing professional development on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Making websites
  • Integration of web tools into the curriculum
  • Using interactive whiteboards in the classroom
  • Flipping your classroom
  • Integrating coding/programming into the curriculum

If you are interested in professional development for your organization or institution, feel free to fill out my contact form with details on what you are looking for.

I have previously provided professional development in-service workshops on SMART Interactive White Board technology and the use of the programming language Scratch. Feel free to ask me for further details. My rates are extremely flexible based on location and what you are looking for, and, in many cases, are waived. Workshops will be tailored to meet your institution's specific needs.